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At the age of 6 years old Vanessa’s mother already spotted the musical talent in her, tho obviously in the Russian culture traditionally classical music it the first choice. For this reason Vanessa has been classically trained into playing the piano and bass guitar. Experiencing live performances on the piano at such a young age, Vanessa knew that music was all she wanted to do. But with not really finding her true passion in playing the piano, she did find her passion in Hip-Hop Music. With listening to artists like Lil’ Wayne, 50cent, Young Thug and Future, Vanessa found her true musical calling!!! Hip-Hop.
With being able to speak multiple languages and the understanding of the cultural differences in the world Vanessa as learned we are all equal.
With a musical mix between hip-hop/pop and r&b her style is very distinctive and different form anything out so far. Being Russian means to Vanessa being strong, being independent and never back down. This mentality is also apparent in her music and in her personality.
Russian stands for elegance and beauty, tho with Vanessa there is an extra element added “Provocative”. Vanessa’s Music & life is about equality and fun!!!
Together with her team she dives into the next experience in her life perfecting her craft.
Girls for girls is a reoccurring subject within Vanessa’s art, empowering woman to be themselves and just have fun, but yet be strong and beautiful.

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